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Jun 28 11


by admin

I’ve been having issues with my business line (301-715-3798) these past few days. If you’ve tried to reach my and have been unsuccessful, please bear with me. It should be back up & running soon.

May 26 11


by admin

It’s been a while since I updated this blog. I’ll do a better job from now on. ‘Got quite a number of new projects to showcase, so stay tuned!

This BlackBerry WordPress app is pretty cool…B-)

Oct 28 10


by admin

Sorry for the long silence.  I’ve been very busy with a couple of things lately (my wedding being one of them 🙂

I’ll be continuing with the IntelliWebsite series.  Over the next few weeks, blogposts will feature projects we’re working on right now, and the unique approaches we take to get them done.  Sounds like fun 🙂

Jun 10 10

IntelliWebsite #2: Misha’s PVA

by admin

Misha’s a renowned makeup artist in the DC Metro area. She’s works with everyone, from models to TV Personalities, Celebrities, Senators, high school seniors prepping for the prom, everyday people…you name it! She also runs a makeup artistry training school, with several sessions that run periodically. Misha ALSO has her own line of beauty products and makeup accessories.

Whew! That’s quite a handful. Misha could use an assistant – a reliable personal assistant that can handle some essential tasks for each aspect of her business. It is with this in mind that we built her website (www.makeupbymisha). Check out these features:

-The Makeup section features a Secure Documents Section, where Misha can easily post forms, contracts, and other sensitive documents for her clients.

-The Training section has a simple class schedule calendar, where prospective makeup students can view available sessions, register, and even pay for the classes online via PayPal!

– The Products section is set up as a comprehensive catalog of Misha’s signature products. It even has a nifty swatch browser for viewing color options.

These are just a few of the many features we built into Misha’s web portal, thus creating a very reliable Personal Virtual Assistant (PVA).

May 28 10

IntelliWebsites #1: So you have a pretty website…

by admin

…but what does it do???

As a business owner, entrepreneur, or website manager in 2010, you can make your website more than just a marketing tool.  How does web-based virtual assistant sound?  Cool huh!

And I’m not just talking about contact forms and autoresponders.  I’m talking about (a)synchronous data and user management tools that can help you manage everything from appointments to employees.

These things aren’t just for the big companies or techies.  Even the sole proprietor with basic computer knowledge will be surprised about how much more (s)he can do with a smarter website.  It’s almost like having a second pair of hands!

Stay tuned for more on the IntelliWebsite series!

Mar 24 10

Hello world!

by admin

‘just got a new outfit for my blog 🙂

Check back here for project updates, tech posts…and other ByteKraft-related stuff